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John G. 

 Shopify Store Owner 


After spending an arm and a leg (among several other limbs) on some Shopify SEO apps and trying the water with several Experts, we finally settled on SEOMERCE. I wish that we had put all of that money into working with these guys instead! Big props for the great communication!

shopify seo experts
Reynold A. 

 Ecommerce Entrepreneur 


We've had a tad of a rough start, mostly because of my own indecisiveness - the account manager was super responsive and we had the situation sorted out right away. Now as for whether these guys deliver? Boy do they do so. 


Drive more customers

Reach more customers by increasing your organic reach on Google, Yahoo and Bing and harnessing the power of SEO. We are a result-driven SEO agency that focuses on sales converting keywords that helps you drive more customers.


Stay ahead of the competitiors

With our Shopify SEO strategy, we’ll help you dominate the competition and rank ahead of your competitors in any niche. Right now, your competitors are reaping the benefits of SEO and we’ll help you rank above them.


Increase brand awareness

With our Shopify SEO strategy, we’ll help you dominate the competition and rank ahead of your competitors in any niche. Right now, your competitors are reaping the benefits of SEO and we’ll help you rank above them.


What we can offer your Shopify store?

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As Shopify SEO Experts, we’ll help get your Ecommerce site to appear on the #1 page on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Helping you bring targeted traffic & sales to your Shopify store.


By optimizing your social profile, you’ll have an increased potential for your brand to be found. With our strategies, it can increase your rankings and social awareness at the same time!


We’ll evaluate your site and see where you can improve conversions for optimal conversions to your Shopify store, so you can stop potentially losing customers.


We offer consultation to Ecommere owners to guide you on the best internet marketing practices that’ll help your store grow and flourish in an ever growing competitive commerce industry.


2-3x your sales with our email marketing strategy, utilizing best practices to help you keep your customers engaged and coming back to your business.


We create content that powers your Ecommerce store, and develop strategies that helps you succeed with brand awareness and boost search engine rankings.

Paul, S. 

Shopify Store Owner


Love these guys - they are incredibly creative and put amazing amounts of detail into walking you through every single step of the way with them! We saw results within the first 4 months, a trickle to a stream. An incredible experience seeing your store grow like it did!

Claire, C. 

 Marketing Rep 


SEOMERCE are a fantastic team of individuals! I contacted them to partner up for several projects that needed a lot of consultation and creative insight, their Shopify SEO Expert packages spoke to my heart and the process is super smooth and simple!

What Shopify SEO can do for you

Learn more about what SEO can do for you


Take your business to the next level

As Shopify SEO Experts, the biggest mistake we see the typical Ecommerce storefront make is ignoring SEO. Ranking in Google creates higher brand credibility, better ROI and targeted traffic at a low cost compared to Facebook advertising and Adwords.


Its a long-term investment for your business

SEO is an investment for higher returns. By ranking in multiple keywords, you’ll realize certain terms are converting into traffic and sales by simply lifting your ranking from 5th to to 1st place. SEO is never costly, but an investment to you business success.


Leads to increased traffic and sales

An successful SEO campaign leads to highly qualified traffic for better returns on your SEO investment. Therefore, we focus on data-driven SEO that is permanent and last for the long-term

Mitchell T. 

 Shopify Store Owner 


We knew going in that it would take a while to see results and prepared a budget for it. Three weeks later we start ranking for some priority keywords and the content these guys put out is simply just awesome! Super happy clients and long term partners here.

Alex W. 

 Shopify Store Owner 


I've dabbled in SEO, at least enough to understand the genius that this team of experts puts out! Their title "Shopify SEO Experts" is the perfect fit for how I'd describe them to any references. I love working with them and want this to be a very long lasting partnership!

David, R. 

Shopify Store Owner 


We tried everything to get our marketing together and spent tons on apps and courses. However, I ran across SEOMERCE and purchase their booster package. Within a month, we started gaining traffic from Google and increased our social traffic 2x. Nearly doubled our sales so far.

​Tim, C. 

Ecommerce  Entrepreneur 


They are very supportive and are a key partner in our marketing strategy. It didn’t take long for us to see results from our SEO in different search terms for our most popular products. Friendly to talk to when we had problems and quick to resolve issues. Thank you!

Start growing your Shopify store now!

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Our SEO expert will spend each month doing hand-crafted optimization and improvements to your website to ensure your site is perfect for search engines. You will also receive monthly reports on your site performance and keyword progression.  

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    Initial SEO Analytics 
  • check
    On-site Optimization 
  • check
    Keyword Research 
  • check
    2 Keyword per month 
  • check
    Fixing Technical SEO Issues 
  • check
    Monthly SEO reports 

Best results within 4-6 months 



Achieve 1st page on Google with both on & off-site SEO. Your SEO Expert will do extensive keyword research with your approval and build quality links that helps boost your rankings using social bookmarks and sharing. 

  • check
    Everything in Launchpad, plus:
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    Off-site Optimization 
  • check
    4 keywords per month 
  • check
    1 blog content per month  
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    Content Research  
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    Dedicated SEO Manager

Best results within 3-6 months 



Skyrocket your business to new heights with your SEO Expert helping you increase sales by finding profitable keywords in Google with our integrated ad budget, included in your package. Helping you generate more customers and sales

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    Everything in Launchpad & Booster, plus: 
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    8 keywords per month 
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    2 blog content per month
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    Competitor Analysis 
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    Link prospecting 
  • check
    Integrated Managed Ad budget 

Best results within 2-3 months 


Not set to invest in SEO, but need vital information to steer your business? We've got you covered. Our one time SEO services provide an in-depth website audit + competitor analysis to ensure your Shopify meets SEO guidelines and best practices, thus, ensuring you rank in Google, Yahoo and Bing. 


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Our checkout is safe with Secured Socket Layer (SSL) software and scanned by Norton Security. SSL is the industry standard amongst protecting customers and secure online transaction. It encrypts all your personal information, including your credit card number, name and address.

What our clients have to say about us?

We help you grow no matter what!

JULIAN (Verified Client)


The project is performed by them was great. I'm satisfied with the support. I definitely recommend these guys to help you with SEO. 

SAMANTHA (Verified Client)


Awesome and Great! Recommended to use by All Shopify owners or any running an ecommerce store! 

FRED (Verified Client)


Great to get some SEO things on your webpage and being able to rank for keywords. Been with them for 10 months. 

JEFF.R (Verified Client)


Perfect! I'm now rest assured that all the onpage optimization was done by them  and they also helped us rank and we've seen good results. Even though it takes time. 

BRYANNA, C. (Verified Client)


They quickly identified problems with my site and fixed them immediately and a quick email to them for support and they respond quickly. 

Dillard, C. (Verified Client)


I purchased SEOMERCE after reading all the good reviews. It was definitely a good experience! When i have an query, Donte responded within a day which I think is excellent!

Linda, W. (Verified Client)


I agree with everyone, this is a mandatory service. They helped us grow in Google and even seen traffic from Bing! I recommend to ANYONE! 

CHRIS (Verified Client)


Highly recommended this to ANYONE! They seriously helped me find all the problems for the highest SEO. Worth the time and money! This is an investment for any business future.

PAUL (Verified Client)


​They had great advice and fixed my SEO issues in a prompt manner. Very communicative with me. SEO is something i do not understand, so they explained it to me in a basic, yet understandable approach. Job well done!

NICK, G. (Verified Client)


It is a wonderful service and very friendly. It was such a pleasure using SEOMERCE for my business. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get started

To start working with us, you must selected from 1 of the 6 marketing packages above by clicking on “START FREE TRIAL” button. Once you enter your payment information, you’ll be redirect to a “GETTING STARTED”. 

Do I get  charged for the trial?

No, we don’t charge you for using our Free Trial services. If you aren’t satisfied with our services, simply email us at: to cancel your trial or use the instant message chat box bottom right of your screen to get immediate support. 

What can I expect from you?

You can expect a partner that is here to help you succeed, professional and cares for their clients. We’ll do everything in our power to help you gain customers and implement the goals that matter to you.

What If  I don't get results

SEO is a long-term investment and we expect our clients to be patient. Once we begin optimization, you should expect results within the first 3 months. However, you will truly see a significant ROI within 6 months of utilizing our services. Our average client experience results within 2-3 months. 

Do you offer support?

We offer support 7-days a week from 6am to 8pm EST.  To contact us, please email: support@seomerce or click our live chat support on the bottom right icon. We'll help you immediately! 

What Information do you need?

 When you click on the “START TRIAL” from the pricing table above, you will be presented with a checkout page. Once checkout is completed, you will be redirected to a thank you page where we'll ask you for more information about your Shopify store to being optimization. 

Can I get a refund?

If you aren't 100% satisfied during your trial, you have time during trial and up to 5 days after trial to request a full refund. However, after the 5 days has passed, we will only provide a 50% refund. After a week, we will not provide a refund if requested. Our SEO process consists of hand-crafted work in a timely matter and each day count as the time invested by our experts to help our clients are extremely high and crucial. Therefore, during the trial, our experts would have spent 3-5 hours on your site. 

What will the SEO expert do?

Our SEO Experts will begin optimizing your site called "on-site optimization" that analyzes the HTML of your site and its readiness for SEO during trial. Once completed, your expert will send you an optimization report on key on-site changes changes that'll stimulate growth for targeted keyword. After trial, we'll create you a custom  and detailed SEO Roadmap outlining what we will do to help your store in Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

Can I request other services?

Yes, we are experts in Email Marketing, PPC, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization and Social Media. Therefore, if you need help in any area of marketing your store, we can help you with it!